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Welcome to 6D of Health. We are a professional training consultancy who specialize in running seminars and courses aimed at educating and empowering our clients to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Our training programmes provide education and guidance on the practical steps involved in the six domains of health:

6D of Health


  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Mental Health
  • Social Wellness
  • Family Health
  • Spiritual Health

Our Story


The 6D of Health  contains a range of vital medical, holistic and spiritual concepts that guide healthy lifestyles taking into consideration principles of human health and its challenges. It covers the basic knowledge and skills of health in all the six domains of health which include not just the physical, social, familial, emotional, but also the spiritual and mental domains of health. This concept provides a more comprehensive approach to the ‘biopsychosocial model of health’.

At 6D of Health, our main purpose is to provide education and guidance on total health and wellbeing through seminars and private coaching sessions.

We are a team of experienced Health Professionals who realized that there was a gap in Health Education and general understanding of how to live a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. By imparting our knowledge through our seminars and consultancy work, we help people learn practical steps they can take to achieve perfect health.

The Challenge...

The Solution...


As far as health is concerned, one of the biggest challenges we are faced with today is due to the increasing prevalence of incurable diseases and their cost implication. According to the Department of Health, when the NHS was launched in 1948, it had a budget of £437 million (roughly £15 billion at today's value). For 2015/16, the overall NHS budget was around £116.4 billion.

By being proactive in leading healthy lifestyles, we can prevent the population from developing these incurable diseases. However, the current preventative health programme is fragmented and requires an innovative approach, one that 6 D of Health are already delivering.

Understanding the 6 Domains of Health

The 6D of health is like the concept of the Biopsychosocial Model of Health proposed by George Engel (1977), which considers all three levels: the biological, psychological, and social domains. Unfortunately, the Biopsychosocial Model does not include mental and spiritual health. Based on my experience, the spiritual life is vital for success, and cannot be underestimated or overlooked. The 6D of health includes the spiritual and mental domains, which makes the Biopsychosocial Model stale in its conceptualisation. The 6D of health falls into the three Realms of Existence.

The benefits include:


6D of Health has been designed to incorporate innovative teachings and practical steps on the six domains of health which include:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Emotional intelligence and wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Social Health and understanding its importance
  • Family Health
  • Spiritual Health

​We believe our Education Programme will deliver cost savings in a wider sense, and estimate that for every 1000 people we teach, in the long run could save the NHS £20million! By educating ourselves and others in how to lead healthy and happy lifestyles, we can prevent the onset of incurable diseases and achieve our health goals.

1) Educate you to live a healthy life

2) By equipping your healthy living, improved longevity is a result.

3) You will be empowered to address challenges and health issues you may face.

4) Improve your quality of life.

5) Reduce demand and reliance on the health care services.


6D of Health versus Biopsychosocial Model of Health

The conceptualisation of the six domains (6D) of health is based on research article educational material as well as personal experience on the status of the Biopsychosocial Model of Health.

‘The biomedical model of health’ explains the role of certain biological determinants and explains disease as a condition caused by external pathogens or disorders in the functions of organs and body systems. Now that chronic non-infectious diseases prevail, its efficacy has not only become questionable, but also the issue has been raised of its economic justification. A new biopsychosocial model has been suggested, that considers all relevant determinants of health and disease and that supports the integration of biological, psychological and social factors in the assessment, prevention and treatment of diseases” (Havelka et al., 2009).

“The status of the “Biopsychosocial” Model in health psychology is contested and arguably exists in a stage of infancy. Despite original goals, medical research has developed theoretical and empirical integrations across bio-psycho-social domains only to a limited extent. Overall, a multilevel integrative or “holistic” perspective is advanced to strengthen the Biopsychosocial Model for use within health psychology and biomedical research. Therefore, the 6D of health has included not just the physical, social, familial, emotional, but also the spiritual and mental domains of health. This concept provides a more comprehensive approach to the ‘biopsychosocial model of health’.


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