Chronic Disease Pt1.

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Chronic diseases are incurable diseases that have a protracted course as they last for more than three months in duration. The presence of more than two of such chronic diseases is called comorbidity. They are not necessarily diseases that will be lifelong ailments but many common chronic diseases can. Some examples of chronic diseases are asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, arthritis as well as mental disorders like stress and anxiety.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the growing concern of chronic diseases as the new World Pandemic. Research carried out by the WHOhas shown that chronic disease prevalence could rise by 57% by the time we reach 2020. When you see the scope of chronic diseases it might not be too surprising to learn that there is a rise of them throughout the world. However, with new medical technology and practices being introduced all the time it is surprising to learn that even first world countries are still struggling to tackle this challenge in crippling chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases are a problem all around the world and while some chronic diseases such asheart disease, are showing signs of slowing down in first world countries like the United States, they are still a leading cause of death in developing countries. In some parts of Africa heart disease is the second leading cause of death.

In Africa, the leading cause of death is another chronic disease namely AIDS, which again indicates the extent to which chronic diseases are prevalent and problematic. The type of chronic diseases may differ from country to country but many of the leading causes of death all around the world are chronic diseases. Although, it is important to note that while not all chronic diseases result in death, they can still have long reaching effects on people.

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